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Two Teens Sucking Cock

These two teen sluts never ever imagined they would go all the way through high school with each other, graduate -barely! – and still be sucking cock together a few years later…. Maybe that’s how they got through high school together….

Sharing cock, taking turns….

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You know, exactly how two teen sluts usually suck cock….

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Blonde Teen Slut Sucking Cock

If there is one thing Emma isn’t afraid of… It’s sucking cock.

Not all teen sluts like Emma have the nerve to just grab any cock and suck it down, but Emma handles it with ease!

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This hot teen slut is a cock sucking whore!

Teen Wants to Learn How To Deep Throat

She was busy sucking down his cock the only way she knew how… She was having a good time licking his cock up and down and sucking on the tip when he told her to swallow his entire cock down… She was surprised!

He wanted her to do what?

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She was knew to blow jobs… But she wasn’t sure she would be able to suck his entire cock down!

Sucking Down His Cock

This hot slut loves having a cock in her mouth… But she knows a little secret – she can deep throat him down!

Usually girls just tell him no that his cock is too big… But she can handle it!

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She surprised him by deep throating his entire cock down!

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She Loves Sucking Cock

She was one of those teen sluts that was used to spending a lot of time on her knees… Because she loves sucking cock!

She craves sucking cock!

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And when she has his cock in her mouth and she look back up at him… He’s ready to cum instantly!

Hot Sluts Deep Throating Cock

Greg always liked sluts that could deep throat cock without complaining, and Mary was one such slut… She promised him that she could suck any sized cock down!

His cock was big but she was still able to suck him down – and she kept her big brown eyes open the entire time!

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Turns out this little Latina slut could suck his entire cock down!

Shay Golden Loves Oral Sex

Shay Golden was a good little whore… And she knew that most of the time sex was for him, not for her. It was important for her to ge him off and for her not to worry about getting off too much.

This is why she loved oral sex – Quick and easy and always got him off!

And secretly Shay Golden loved having a cock in her mouth!

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When she looked up at him with those big puppy dog eyes while she was sucking him off…. It was a massive turn on for her!

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She loved sucking cock!

Deep Throating Teen Slut

Brett knew most of the local teen chicks that would fuck him, but Holly was his favorite. It was less about how she fucked, and more about how she sucked cock. This teen slut sucked cock better than woman or MILF he’s ever had sucked off his cock!

Maybe it’s because she can take his huge cock all the way down!

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She’s a deep throating teen slut!

Really Good Blow Job

Molly shouldn’t have been surprised her new boyfriend came in her face… Every time she sucks off a man they tell her it was the best blow job ever, but Vern was way too quick to cum…

Maybe he was drunk or maybe he just never had a woman give him a really good blow job

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And much to her surprise, his cum tasted really good too!

Teen Swallows Balls

Lindsay is so cute and so sexy and so damn easy on the eyes; He couldn’t wait to have eating his cock. He wanted those sexy teen eyes looking up at him while she was giving him head!

Turns out this teen hottie is a regular ball sucker. She really knows how to get a man off!

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After licking and sucking his balls she went down on him until he came in her mouth!