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Whos the pronstar that gives the best blowjob?

I have had sincerely only three different porn models give me a blow job, two of which were semi famous the other is extremely famous but she asked me never to tell anybody that we actually hit out together, so as I promised her that time I wouldn’t I’m going to tell you that it was Phoenix Marie LOL. Yes, her, people find it impossible to believe but I have on my iPhone different video cuts while she was giving me head, while I was doing her from behind, basically I made my own Live Porn video, but that is just for me and to be honest I have only shown it to a few of my friends and I think that my new girlfriend found it on my phone but she claims that she never watched it even though I know she did sure.

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I also heard that Ava Devine and former pornstar Lisa Marie give exceptional blow jobs, I was told that the male models and the girls not to suck that hard, because it would have made them cum way too fast, and that actually is very unusual in the adult entertainment video business, but I have spoken to many all those male models and they have told me exactly what I just told you.

Suck then swallow I love that shit!!

The best suck and swallow that I have ever had one when I dated once one of those famous Pornstars that I prefer not to say the name because she is very famous and she is still at her prime! Well she gave me the most incredible BJ, that unfortunately didn’t last more than 10 minutes, then she took my load swilled out her mouth with it rub it all over her lips and then swallowed it.

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Yes that was an amazing blow job and you can find hundreds more just like that in video format simply by checking out this Free Porn Links resource that I discovered roughly a week ago and I would like you to check it out for yourself and knowledge just like I did that it is by far one of the most exciting porn videos websites that there is today on the web.

Another incredible resource is this Amateur Girls Pics website that has quite the trend these days on the web, basically everybody is talking about this and because some of my colleagues over a cup of coffee with a great it was a week ago I decided to take a look and I was very happy that I did because I can confirm it is one of the most exhilarating softcore websites that there is today anywhere on the web.

4M members on one website, it must be fucking awesome!

Be impossible is today extremely possible, what we thought would never happen actually did, were talking about obviously Live Porn, that live porn that is featuring famous pornstars all the ones you know because you watch them on the porn to, all those girls that you know very well because you have them on your DVD collection, all those girls that you know, my name, because you downloaded all bad videos onto your computer.

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Well you got that right, these are the Hot Pornstars and they are all having live sex on one specific network, and that network is the one that we talking about today and is the one that I have posted links to, at least three of them, so that you can jump in and see that website for your self and make up your own ideas about it being the best thing you have ever seen in the adult entertainment industry, because basically that’s exactly what it is.

Nothing is more exciting than these Live Pornstars fucking live on WebCam, this is not just the same old WebCam sex, this is the real thing, because in each and every single one of these porn videos that are broadcasted in real time is starring somebody famous, a girl that everybody knows by name and what makes it absolutely stunning.

If you can find anything better than live porn let me know!

We can be here all day long, and still never find anything that is better than having sex with Hot Pornstars, or at least watching them having sex, that means watching porn videos right? However there is something a little bit more advanced right now, something that has a pretty good twist to it. What if I told you that live porn took a whole new direction and has been for several months now, but there are many of you out there that don’t know about it and that’s why we talking about it.

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Keep in mind that these are the Hottest Pornstars, pretty much the top 100 most popular girls in the adult entertainment industry business, these are girls that we all know because we wash them on DVD, we watch them on pay-per-view television and of course we see them all the time on the porn tubes, these are the girls that are all over the place and the reason that they are famous is because they all loved because they are absolutely great at what they do and now there is a network that has put them all together and having them fuck live on WebCam. In other words they are taking cock sucking it, taking up the pussy and ass at the same moment that you’re watching them.

Check out also Moar LOL if you’re into having a few laughs.

You should see how this Hot Pornstar sucks on a real cock!

The adult entertainment show business improves itself day after day, however after that I have seen these Live Porn shows on a website called CherryPimps.com I have to say that they most probably have reached the limit, I have to say that there is no other place on earth where you can actually see what they have to offer, and don’t be intimidated because I guarantee that the price is extremely low to watch these live porn shows starring obviously famous pornstars and that is the key of why they are so popular, because they are the only network that actually do offer you hot pornstars.

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The word Hot Pornstars makes all the difference, these are the girls that you all enjoy to watch on the Internet via the porn tubes or any other pornographic website that offers free videos, these are the famous girls that are featured on DVD and pick up all those awards at the AVN shows every year. I guarantee you this is the only place that actually offers the service, and I said it offers it at a third of what it would cost you to watch something cheesy anywhere else, I guarantee you that you can watch it in HD TV and of course Dolby surround.

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This Brown Eyed Brunette Sucks It Right

Some girls in porn don’t look genuinely into what they are doing, but that is not the case with this naughty minx. Oh wow, does she love it! Watch this tight brunette flash her pretty titties at the camera and smile. She walks into the house and starts to strip, flossing her smooth camel toe pussy with her white thong panties in the process. She is good at putting on a show and great at fucking with her mouth and pussy. She rides cock and blows it too while you get to watch. She takes a hot load to the face as reward. Watch the full uncensored scene inside Reality Kings.


Watch these famous porn sluts getting fucked live on cam

Have you ever sat down to watch real famous pornstars getting fucked in Live Porn Movies? Now I’m sure you’ve seen live porn videos, or live WebCam shows starring girls it you’ve never seen before, girls obviously that have never performed in a porn video, you’ve never seen them on pay-per-view TV or on the porn tubes you only get to see them on web, because that’s as far as they go, the famous and not only that you always pay upfront when you watch these girls so you really are paying blindly.

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But with famous adult models you already know what you can again, let’s take for example MILF Hot Pornstar Alyssa Lynn, this chick has done in the past three years over 40 different movies all of them have been great sellers, she is all over the porn tubes where you can watch her porn videos for free, so when you put your two dollars down to watch her two hour show you know that it’s going to be an absolutely fantastic show because you have seen her perform before and you know that she is a gorgeous and of coarse capable pornstar.

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Rio Lee Recently Divorced and Horny as Hell

Rio Lee has exceptional curves on her body. Her figure is amazing so it just makes sense that she be paid to pose it. Recently divorced, she is modeling to make her money, but this particular shoot goes differently than planned. In addition to flaunting her fine physique, Rio also gets fucked and gets it filmed. She is starving for sex so easily persuaded to porn. Watch her unleash her big boobs and plump ass and then set to task, devouring dick with her mouth and pussy. View the entire uncensored scene inside of Reality Kings.


Ava Cash Gets a Big Cumload On Her Face

Ava Cash is a Boston-born pornstar with a lean body and beautiful face. Today she is craving cock and will use her whole 5’5″ to pleasure it. The flirty brunette walks in to the Reality Kings house and strips out of her tight pink mini dress. She shows her 34B-24-34 body in the buff and it is enough to get any man hard. Once a big dick is put within her reach, the horny hottie goes for it. Watch her work that throbbing cock until a load gets busted big and thick all over her lovely face.


You direct the action with top pornstars

That’s what a lot of people up to now have really not understood, they don’t know that you can actually interact with famous pornstars during the live shows, there is a huge screen where all members can type in whatever they want from their homes, or wherever they are, and the adult models can read it as it comes up hundreds and hundreds of words and in most cases they will reply if they like what they read. Just to give you an example this past week Haley Cummings was asked to get out of the position she was in while having sex and to ride the cock that was in her. She set out the name of the guy that asked her to do so and then did it.

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That two hour show that I watched a couple weeks ago starring Ava Addams was the same thing, she wouldn’t stop talking back to her fans, she was moaning while getting fucked and was yelling out the names of everybody that was sending her messages. This is way too advanced for the other WebCam networks, this is so much fun to watch, nevertheless to participate in by interacting with the pornstar while she is getting fucked!~

And of course let’s don’t forget about the new WebCam site that has been launched this past week that belongs to this very network and offers you live pornstars in solo shows, in other words they spread their legs, they rub their cunts, they cum hard and multiple times and use big toys on themselves, each show lasts at least 2 1/2 hours if not more, I’m not kidding you. The website is called CherrySpot.com, check it out for yourself and have fun.